Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Sweet Smell of...

Are you partial to how things smell?
    When I was little, I realized that people (and their homes) had a distinctive scent. I could even tell, head down, when a certain aunt, or my grandma, entered the room, based on the smell that preceded them. (My grandma smelled like hermit spice cookies!)
     Even now, I tend to rely on how things smell -- I rarely turn on a timer when cookies are baking, for example. Instead, I wait until they have a 'just-baked-but-not-burning' waft. Rice smells a little like mothballs when it's done. And brownies don't start scenting the air until 'just' before they're finished.
     Husband thinks this is funny, but generally is ok with it. The one bad part -- if you get involved somewhere else in the house, and forget to check! (A glance at the clock now and then helps.)
     This blogger got me started on the power of smell. The interesting part about this -- you can actually BUY smells like 'baby powder' and 'bonfire,' thanks to Demeter Fragrances. (They've got stuff on sale, plus shipping discounts.)

    My top ten favorites: lavender, soap (especially Dial), cinnamon, coffee, bacon, lilacs in spring (or the scent of freshly-dug earth), freshly-ironed linen (or sheets off the clothesline), tangerines, cedar...and the scent of Husband and Daughters when I snuggle into their arms.
    What are yours?

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