Monday, January 3, 2011

Looking Back Through 2010

Boy, was that a year to live through. 

Business-wise, it went fine. In spite of the economy, my teaching gigs were much more successful than the years before. We made some progress in cleaning up excess inventory, and organizing the remainder more effectively. I taught on my first cruise -- to Hawaii. (Someone's got to do it! :)

Vacation-wise, we had that lovely trip to Panama in December. And there were a few others to enjoy, as well, including Michigan in the fall.

Other good stuff happened: Daughter #1 lost her job -- and got a better one, only a few blocks from her apartment. Charley joined the household. Some nice things were said about my work. Husband's hardest task to date -- designing a bus-pass system, the first in the country, for his school system -- was a rousing success.

Ah, but in between -- emergencies for the girlies, my mom's continuing struggle to live life without Dad. (it will be 3 years in February.) Losing our 'boy' of many years in July. And foremost, Husband's health struggles this fall. (Whenever I hear about someone losing their life in just a few days because of 'flu,' I understand better now -- because Dave almost died of that fast-moving infection.)

I thank God (and I mean that literally) that we were able to keep going and keep our bills paid. (With the exception of the hospital bill, which will be slowly chipped away at.) Somehow, we also kept up our commitments to our family, work, friends and church. I'm not sure how.

But here we are -- Husband off to work again this morning. Me with a tree to take down, stuff to clean up and appraisals to do, with the sniffles in close attendance. The sun is just blazing away at our snowy Colorado landscape. A gleeful (and recovering) Jack is chewing away at Charley in the backyard, Charley reciprocating. 
And life goes on.

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