Monday, January 31, 2011

Snow...and Ip Man

STILL snowing here...but worst is the cold. Even with a roaring fire in the fireplace, the living room has big areas of chill that only a warm cover and cup of hot tea can dissipate. The dogs are staying close to the fire...except for every 45 min., when Charley insists on going out to see if it's still cold. Fortunately, that roughly corresponds to when more wood is needed. Dumb mutt.
    The good news is that Husband automatically has the day off Tuesday -- school's cancelled for Douglas County! The bad news is that I couldn't get to the bank, the post office or any of the other errands I was supposed to do today. I got the Jeep started ok, but couldn't manage to get the windows to defrost before my fingertips started freezing. Tomorrow is supposed to be worse. Oh boy -- it's already -5 degrees F. (See what it looks like here.)

We saw the most amazing movie on Hulu tonight -- Ip Man , a semi-biographical pic on the popularizer of Wing Chun (a Chinese version of martial arts), and the teacher of Bruce Lee. The movie was a WWII triumph of a Chinese man (emphasis on the word "Chinese") over the cruelties of Japanese soldiers, using a 'fight-only-when-you-have-to' defense. The martial arts fights in this movie were AMAZING, but I also have never seen it treated in such a historical context. (Too bad the movie takes liberties with the real facts of Ip Man's life in spots, though his heroic stance, using Wing Chun, seems accurate.)
     If you enjoy Kung Fu-type movies, this is the one for you. It was released in Hong Kong, but not in America...why the heck not?!? Was it the unusual-sounding name? We almost passed on it for that reason, thinking it was just another cheesy movie. Now we're looking forward to Ip Man 2.

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