Sunday, January 16, 2011

What Do You Do To (Not) Save Money?

Frugal Dad has an interesting little thread going on about all of his non-frugal habits, like throwing away soap slivers, refusing to scrape out peanut butter jars and (gasp) keeping the thermostat up!

His commenters apologize for everything from having their hair professionally cut to buying name brand milk. How can they ever make up for these awful transgressions...

Seriously, we have all little luxuries that keep us sane, even in the middle of cutting costs. I've already mentioned my prediliction for real spray whipped cream, but have a few others:
    *long hot baths
   *Yardley lavender  (other Brit or French brands come in second)
   *Boudin sausage (especially the New Orleans stuff)
   *Pens with an old-fashioned quill point tip, used with
   *Luxuriously-bound leather journals.
  *Heavy, thick towels  
   *Real cheese (no Velveeta or cheese food around here) 

   *Fresh flowers. In the winter. 
         (Get freesias, chrysanthemums or carnations -- they'll last 2-3 weeks)  

And some frugal enjoyments?
   *A fire in the fireplace, using cedar scavenged from a neighbor's sidewalk
   *A ham bone in the fridge, waiting for tomorrow's long-simmered soup
   *A day-old loaf of Panera bread, rescued from the bin
       (Slice it thin, brush with olive oil and garlic and bake at 400 degrees for 10 min.)
   *Dishes, laundry and ironing done...temporarily, at least
   *Tucking my feet under the warm coat of a large, friendly (time and food-consuming) dog, while he's busily chewing his latest bone 
    (ok, maybe this should be on the previous list instead)  

As one guy in Oliver & Co says, "If this is torture, chain me to the wall!"

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