Monday, January 17, 2011

A Place for Everything, and Everything in its ------

Packing for the Road to California gig...and it's amazing. Every time I lift up a box (that should have been put away weeks ago), I find something in it that I need for teaching! Partly it's because I'm doing some of the same classes as the last gig. And partly I have become slightly more organized. When I get home Sunday night, I plan to spend the next week really cleaning up and putting things away. It's a perfect time for us to do inventory as well, for Brickworks.
    Country Living's got some great storage ideas here.  (I'd love to have a wall of built-in cabinets, instead of the open shelving we keep Brickworks inventory on right now. ) Real Simple's ideas repeat some of the same concepts, but they have a refreshing way of utilizing Things You'd Never Consider. Take a look here for all sorts of articles and ideas.

    I do know that when I get back, we plan to move an old-fashioned high boy (a set of drawers on high spindly legs) into the dining room. Our new printer needs a sturdier place to rest, and I can visualize those drawers filled with paper, cords and all the misc. stuff that clutters up the area by the printer right now. It may be 'bedroom' furniture, but it matches the finish of my china cabinet -- and has decorative brass pulls for each drawer. Should look just fine.

    Off to photocopy handouts and make photo-transfers for class...have a good one.

It's doing this up in the mountains, but down on the flatlands here in Colorado, we're dry as a bone. Lots of wind, though.

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