Monday, June 13, 2011

Good News, For A Change!

I just got the first ray of light on an otherwise gloomy (and busy) Monday:

My post "Are You A Onesie...Or A Twosie?" was accepted for the
23rd Totally Money Blog Carnival!

This is my first ride on the Carnival merry-go-round...hopefully the first of many.

Go take a look -- there are several intriguing posts in this edition. And welcome, anyone who's visiting! Love to have you hang around...

For those who have been following our flooding troubles, here's the latest. (Go here and here for background...or just read the June posts.)
From the "As If This Wasn't Going to Happen" Department: Our insurance claim for the basement was denied. Again. At least we don't have to wait...and wait...and wait anymore, to find out what Safeco is thinking. The Servpro guy came today to give us a quote (thanks so much, Richard). We'll order the dumpster today, and start pulling out that nasty carpet and wallboard asap.
   Libby and I have already pulled the teaching and collection quilts -- I found 5 wet ones that have already been cleaned, and 3  that were goners...just too stained and moldy. Sadly, one of them was an old crib quilt with pre-1800 fabrics. A few old blocks, too.
   The open lace trims near the wall are sticky to the touch -- sprayed once too often with mold inhibitor, I'd guess. The plastic-covered ones are ok.
   Nearly all the boxes are ok, with some exceptions. Lesson learned here: If you're going to stack anything, make sure the plastic boxes are on the bottom of the pile, and the cardboard ones near the top. None of the cardboard boxes higher up were damaged. Nor were the plastic boxes. The cardboard boxes actually resting on the carpet: not good.
   So far, everything salvageable has been piled either in storage, the office or the sewing room. The rest is in untidy, smelly piles all over the basement. Yuck.


kerrykatiecakeskeb43 said...

Bad news about the insurance! At least now you know though you can go ahead and get at it yourself. I don't envy you this - sounds like a huge job! Very sad to hear about the lost quilts too.

Cindy Brick said...

Kerry, thanks for the kind words...I could handle the fabrics, but it WAS hard to see the quilts. You just sigh, grit your teeth, and remind yourself that other quilts made it out ok. I am working on trying to be grateful for what survived, rather than mourn for what didn't. It's hard...but easier, the more I try.
Thanks for writing.