Thursday, June 2, 2011

Guess What I'm Doing Today?

....yes, that's right, starting to haul out and inventory the wet fabric downstairs.

I started with the closet where the offending pipe is located -- and found, to my astonishment, that it was almost an encyclopedia of the years I'd spent at Quilter's Newsletter, back in the 1990s. Patchwork blocks made as samples for Clothtalk, the newsletter I used to write for the Quilts & Other Comforts Fabric Club. Extra yardage for said blocks, paperwork and research (that box totally destroyed, sadly), and strips I'd preserved from tthe Quilts & Other Comforts catalog room. (They always had a 2"-4" extra strip leftover from yardage when cutting squares; these went into bags for QN editors to snag for Log Cabin and strip-pieced quilts.)
   Plus a generous mixing of the small-scale calicoes I started with as a beginning quilter in the mid-1980s. A few hand dyes, from when I began to find my way. Pins and a leftover packet of needles, spools of thread -- and Husband's college tuition bills from the University of Michigan! (No idea why those were in there.)

   Apparently when Brickworks started in the mid-1990s, I stopped using that closet, other than storing quilt hoops and frames. They stayed clean; so did about 70% of the fabric. The rest is a slimy mess on the floor, and my research box is looks like a pulpy block of wood.


I boxed up the clean fabric, and threw it in Daughter #2's bathtub downstairs. (It's practically the dryest spot in the basement. Ironic, huh?) A big batch of stained blocks is soaking in the washer -- hopefully they can be rescued. I've got plans for a Every-Which-Way Sampler of fabric memories from that period in my life.
    Now to pull out the shelving and break down the wall, so the plumber can do his job. Thanks for keeping me company for the ride -- I don't feel quite so alone, dealing with this.

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