Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I'm Still Here...

...how 'bout that.

Boy, it's been zany.

The dumpster has been ordered, and the Servpro guys should be starting to pull the carpet and drywall any day now. Libby and I spent a chunk of last night downstairs, stacking boxes and filling some of the ten new bins with dry fabric. Sure, some fabric's permanently ruined -- but I'm encouraged by how much was still usable. We'll do more tonight. (Now if I could only get rid of that nasty, stale smell downstairs. Soon. Must be patient.)

Husband's appendicitis turned out to be diverticulosis -- where you get an infection/irritation in your colon's lining. (Comes from small items-- ahem, probably like strawberry seeds -- getting stuck and causing problems.) Thankfully, he's on the way to Pueblo, with antibiotics in hand. Our second car is no longer reliable, so he took the Jeep. That means I'm having to cadge rides for this week -- but it's ok. Really.

Brendan Fraser's right -- there is liberation via chaos some times.

Found some new things on the Internet:

*Get A Free Pair of Glasses on June 16! You have to be quick about it, but what a value. (Thanks, Frugal Girls, for the heads-up.)

*Having Your Dream Wedding...at McDonald's??

*29 Swap/Share Websites That Stretch Your Money. Some, like sites you can actually borrow cars and equipment, are surprising, but should come in handy.

*Hollywood's Odd Couples and May/December pairings. (The burning question: how long will they STAY together? Some already are quitsville.) I would have thought this much stranger twenty years ago, but maybe age is relative after 40 or so. My dearest friends, except for cousins, are all at least 5-10 years older, and it hasn't stopped us talking about anything and everything.

*Blogging Away Debt, a very funny soon-to-be mom who talks about frugality, ways to save, and her husband. Not that this ever happens at Chez Brick:

My husband was looking for our tax information for a school form and I told him I didn’t know where it was.
He asked, ‘Is it in the garage?’
‘I don’t know’ I replied.
‘Is it in the office?’
‘I don’t know’
‘Is it in the bedroom?’
‘I don’t know’
‘Is it in the living room?’
‘You don’t have to yell! I was just trying to refresh your pregnant brain so maybe you’d remember something’ he said.
Quietly and calmly, I said, ‘I’m going to give you a ten second head start to put yourself in a public place. Otherwise, there will be no one to witness your murder.’
He disappeared. Quickly.

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