Thursday, June 23, 2011

Making An Extra Thousand A Month...Can You Do It From Home?

MoneySavingMom's readers obviously think so...and there are a lot of good and helpful ideas here. Can you really earn a thou from home, though?
     I'm not so sure.
There is one thing that IS being pointed out -- and that is the value of having what others have called "multiple streams of income." You may not make it on writing articles, or editing -- but you might do better if you could add transcription, babysitting, or the surprise winner: cancelling your cable. (We'll be doing this tomorrow, and joining the Netflix clan. So long, Comcast.)
    So if you need some extra bucks, take a look at the MSM post. One of the comments just might help. Just don't expect that you will have to really work for it -- too many of these people are glib about the time and effort that extra pay will demand. If your time is limited to begin with, don't expect it to get any easier. It won't. (I wonder how I know this.)

Or,  you could cut your expenses and save more bucks by shopping at the dollar store... 
or just become a celebrity. Or blow it off altogether, and check out totally useless websites that are a lot of fun...

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