Friday, June 24, 2011

Pride Goeth Before Frustration

I have been trying to take other people's advice about least when it comes to cable. We had a chance to switch to Qwest's internet plan -- something that cost less than what we were paying to Comcast. And after much discussion, we felt that we could watch our favorite shows and movies just as quickly on Hulu or Netflix.

I called, and found out our month's worth of Comcast ended on the 25th. (Today, in fact.) At least a week ago, Husband told me to make sure my e-mail from the old address was backed up and sent to the new e-mail. He reminded me that I needed to change it for the bank, Paypal, and so on.

    Hey, I have a business, as well as a personal life, and I didn't want to lose anything. Besides, I thought he was making an excellent argument. So I listened to him, and did what he urged me to do.

    Yesterday afternoon, I called Comcast to cancel our plan. (I'd mentioned to Husband at least two days before that I was going to do this.) I didn't want to give them the ghost of an excuse to charge us for another month's use. Comcast, bless their little hearts, did NOT let the plan run out to the end, but cancelled it, all right -- within five minutes of my call.

    Ok. Not thrilled about this, but I can handle it. Think of the money we'll be saving. And I've been so efficient, taking care of it in good time. Whoo hoo.
    Late tonight Husband drops the bomb --
            He never forwarded e-mail from his old address on to the new one.

Can Comcast let him in long enough to do this?
Can he manage to at least get his old e-mail messages?
What was he doing when he was reading and responding to e-mail for several hours earlier this week? 
       (He was the one who actually set up my new e-mail account, for which I am profoundly grateful. This computer stuff is confusing. He works hard for us, and I try very hard to be accommodating. I appreciate his work and effort. I really do.)

Hopefully I misunderstood, and he just means the last day's worth of messages were lost?
What if I didn't?

       Husband went to bed soon after his announcement.
Can I sleep, now that I feel guilty and frustrated as all getout?

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