Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Storage Ideas

Ever since our little disaster in the basement, storage has been on my mind. After all, if the walls have to be stripped and replaced, why not put in the cupboards I've been mentally visualizing down there for years?
    I'm thinking one whole wall of nothing but cupboards -- large ones that can hold big plastic storage bins. Or wire shelving for fat quarters and half-yard cuts. A stack of books. A pile of quilts.
    We have a fireplace down there, in a spacious area that could easily handle classes. I've always meant to teach there. If I can get everything left up in wall cupboards, it could really open up possibilities. Put down a rug, install a coffeepot and a bowl for chocolate, and it would be perfect. (We quilters have to think about sustenance.) has some excellent suggestions for using flea market-type items for storage. A furnace vent cover as magazine wall rack? Bedsprings that hold your glassware? Look here.

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