Thursday, June 30, 2011

This Really Happened...

So we've been clearing away the boxes in the basement sewing room. (See my last post for more.) I was happily finding a bunch of antique fabric scraps in the 'dry' pile. While picking those up, I noticed a fur embellishment on the floor: "hmmm, how did this get there! All the embellishments should have been cleared away."
     Held it for a minute, admiring the multi-colors. (Must have been tired.) All of a sudden, I realized the embellishment had a tail! 
     I dropped it pronto. Some yelling ensued, and friend Adam was recruited to Get Rid of It. Only afterwards did I wonder -- field mice, our usual visitors, have gray fur. Where did this parti-colored guy come from?
     I'm still shivering a little.

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