Monday, September 26, 2011


What a lovely, lovely word. 

I apologize for the week-plus of silence, but after my stop at the Capitol City Quilt Guild in Lansing, MI (hi, guys!), I was on to the Sparta farm I'd grown up on. And the Mama, however many her positive traits, does not believe in the Internet.
   That meant schlepping over to Brother's or Cousin's house to access theirs. And I just felt that I was in the way, more than anything. So I didn't do it -- much.
    Got home Saturday morning. Have spent the time since dealing with laundry, fruit lugged from Michigan, and the garden. (Still picking green beans and squash -- the latest ever I can remember doing this, since we moved here in 1984.) Ate my share of tomatoes in Michigan, something Donna Freedman understands. These Colorado temperatures just don't do well for the love fruit.

Hope you're on the way to a good week -- I'll be back in touch very soon.

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