Monday, September 12, 2011

Monday Sunny

...and boy, is it. We're back to warmth again. The beans and squash are loving it in the garden; we've often had a frost by now. The hummingbirds are still here; usually they've left by Labor Day. I wonder: does this mean that fall -- and winter -- are coming in late?
     And I believe in Tinkerbell, too...

Check out this interesting post, via Wisebread, on 25 things you should throw away. I don't agree with everything -- paperwork, for example.  He doesn't keep greeting cards, arguing they're a waste of time. Sorry Buddy -- I treasure each card the Daughters have written on over the years. (I tuck them in various books; then when rediscovering them as I reread, I have the pleasure of enjoying the card all over again. Ditto for relevant magazine or newspaper articles, as well as a few of the 9/11 commemorative comics and photos from yesterday's paper. They serve as good book markers, too.)

What would I sell, donate or throw away? 

*Most of the unworn contents of my underwear drawer -- especially nylons. (Who wears nylons much nowadays?)

*Pots, pans and other cooking utensils I haven't used for the past six months. (These are going when I get back home for a while -- with the exception of the canner, electric knife and pressure cooker.)

*Half the contents of my closet. They either don't fit, or I haven't worn them for years. Time to gain some extra room.

*Most of my research files. If I haven't used them by now, they're either out of date, or probably don't apply to current needs. It will be easy to weed through them.

And best of all --
*The cardboard boxes that have been clogging up the entryway. They've been there for weeks, while I'm on the road. I'll put their contents away, then send the boxes off to la-la land.

There's always the "12 items" rule, as well, learned from Suze Orman -- take 12 items from your current life and Get Rid of Them. Or put them away. If you do this regularly -- preferably every day -- your floors, shelves and table tops will reappear!
    But then, you'll have to sweep and dust...

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