Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Bigfoot Rides -- Oops, Walks -- Again??

I drove into my hostess' driveway last night about 11:30 p.m. her time...slept in (luxury), then had a nice crunchy BLT for breakfast/lunch. (Tell you more tonight.) Leaving shortly to help with errands, then do the "Quilts With Secrets" lecture for the Tucson Quilters Guild. Come join us!

While I'm doing that, though, consider the evidence some scientists are using to announce they've actually found Bigfoot in Soviet Russia. Even though I strongly believe that there IS a
Mr. S(ausquatch) out there, I've got my doubts with this one -- the footprints are too small and squatty, compared to others documented. (Maybe it's a baby?) Also, they say they've found a den and 'markers' (I'm assuming urine spots). Maybe the DNA will prove something... but that's all stuff other researchers have been mentioning for decades. Personally, I think Mr. S. is some kind of undiscovered giant gorilla/monkey breed.
    Combine that with the rather silly videos Huffington Post included on this site -- mixing in some authentic BF calls, plus an unnerving true 911 incident, with some obvious fake camera footage. All it does is make fun of the truly deserving "incidents and allegations." (to take a page from Paul Simon) So what do you end up with? A laugh and the thought...

    Big Hairy Deal.

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