Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Decorating for Halloween - Or Not

Less than a week before leaving for Tucson -- too bad the flu hasn't got the message yet. It comes, it goes. And in between, I try to get stuff done.

    But one thing on the list, so far, is NOT Halloween decorating. Not that I wouldn't enjoy it; trick-or-treating was a happy part of my childhood, and the girlies also enjoyed it when they were little.
    The Brick, however, has been uneasy about Halloween's witchly origins (not that I can't say I wasn't, too). He feels so strongly about this that we stopped decorating more than a decade ago. Pumpkins and autumn stuff, yes. But no cobwebs, no black, no skeletons.

    A shame, because there are really some clever ideas out there right now -- like this front door/porch array. Or Ms. Golightly's take on Halloween decor, a la thrift shop. (No wonder Halloween is becoming one of the resale market's hottest holidays.)
     Not to mention the chance to act like a zombie.
    On Halloween night, we'll stay home to hand out candy (and often watch a scary movie). But that's the extent of it. I guess I shouldn't feel too bad -- at least we admit we're home.

And as Aunt Purl points out, it's less than 80 days to Christmas.

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