Saturday, October 1, 2011

Fall-ing in Love Here in Colorado

Our recent cooler temps have produced a flood of fall colors. In Colorado, it's not the heartbreaking reds and bright oranges Michigan and other states produce -- but we get more than our share of glorious soft oranges and bright golds, with a touch now and then of red thrown in. Add in the mountains and huge banks of wheeling puffy clouds, and you've got a Fall to love.
    Lordy, I am fond of this time of year. Not too hot, not really that cold, shatteringly lovely. And a bit serene -- the football games have started up again (Go Blue! Michigan beat Minnesota 58-0!), there's no push for the holidays yet, and things have calmed down some. I can snuggle with the Brick an hour or two without feeling too guilty. And there are days to stay home and get work done. (Yes, the flu is hanging on some...but I do feel better.)
    One more week, then leaving for the Tucson Quilt Guild in Arizona. The classes are all Crazy; one's nearly full, but the other has some spots left. If you're interested, let them know! (You can reach them via the Brickworks schedule page.)
     Hope you're enjoying your own Fall weather. Take it now -- you-know-what is coming soon.

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