Sunday, October 16, 2011

Home Again

Woke up this morning, with an uneasy sense. Someone was in bed with me! Then I relaxed. Of course he was -- it was the Brick!
     Gee, it's nice to be home.
     I got back late last night, to an effusive greeting from the Brick and a so-so from Charley. ("So you're back. Big deal. When are ya gonna leave again?!!") This morning, Sir Charles acted more enthusiastic, especially after the first in a series of snacks off the breakfast table.
     It is glorious here right now -- warm enough for shorts, mild breeze, bright sun bouncing off the fall leaves...and increasingly large clouds. A cold front will be moving in tonight, and by Tuesday, we've got a hard frost threatening. In spite of the snow and cold temps a few weeks ago, and no protection (or attention) from the Brick or yours truly since then, my beans and squash are STILL alive and producing! Amazing. I'll pick them one more time, then bless them (well, maybe not the squash) and tell them to go in peace.
     Gee, it's nice to be home. 


Yvonne said...

I really like your weather reports. It'll be 89 today in Plano, TX. I long for the football weather in Nebraska.

Cindy Brick said...

It was in the 90s in Tucson, Yvonne...but definitely much chillier here. Sunny, sure - but I forgot and didn't put on a jacket, and paid for it. Brrr....

thanks for writing, and hanging out with me.

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