Wednesday, October 12, 2011

It's Beautiful Here in the Desert

The 'barn' where I'm staying with Joline and Neil is surrounded by sage, cactus, brush..and a heck of a lot of sand. Mountains ring the horizon all around, and in the morning, the sky is a clear, clean blue above. Sure, it's been hot during the day: 90 degrees today. But at night, it cools down and a million stars come out to join the moon. It's full, and the coyotes know it -- they've been yipping and howling all evening.

Once you get used to the idea of less grass and more cactus, it's a lovely place here. Incredibly peaceful, and not much light. (The observatory up in the mountains requires shielded lights, when there are any. Mostly, the roads around here in Tucson are just. plain. dark.)

I've been having a great time with the members of the Tucson Quilters Guild. I've rarely been treated with more generosity and kindness than here, and it's been a balm. Tomorrow, a class full of students and yours truly will be wading through a bunch of ways to make a little Crazy. Not to mention act like one.

It's late; hopefully the coyotes have gone on their way. I'll trot out to the Jeep, grab more fabrics for the kits...then get some sleep.

Postscript: Do not read about scary Bigfoot encounters before heading outside to the car late at night, with a full moon making everything eerie. Be sure to wear sandals, even if it just looks like nice soft ground out there. You will find every sandburr the hard way, otherwise.
 Don't ask how I know.


Anonymous said...

We here in Tucson sure enjoyed your visit. The talk was informative and inspiring, and the classes were even better!

Cindy Brick said...

I loved being there! Thank you so much for asking me.

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