Saturday, October 8, 2011

Jingle Bells...and Other Weather Observations

It may be warm and sunny in your neck of the woods, but here on the scrape-edge of the Rockies, we've got snow. Light flakes, lots of them and coming fast. (Take a look here, if you're curious. More of Colorado on these cams.) No doubt the squash is biding its time under the snow, and dreaming of world domination next year.

The Powers That Be (the same ones that prophesied only rain today) are saying we're going to get a "Double Dip Nina" winter, with extra wind and moisture on the Flatlands, instead of mostly up in the mountains. It was pretty dry around here last winter. Growing up in Michigan, where you sometimes got your mail by reaching down into the mailbox, snow's not that big a deal to me.

What I wouldn't be thrilled by would be the lack of fresh stuff. Several times in past winters (especially the Really Bad Winter of three years ago), we would have multi-day storms, and the grocery shelves would promptly empty of fresh milk and eggs. That doesn't seem like much, until you remember that one of these storms came just before Christmas, when many people were doing their holiday baking. During one trip to the store, Daughter #1 found a dozen eggs hidden in a grocery case, and practically got mugged before she made it to the checkout counter.

This year, I've got lots of dried and shelf-stable milk. The Brick remembers egg powder from his years in the Navy; where in the world would I find that stuff at King Soopers?

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