Friday, November 4, 2011

Yep, it's Coming...

Christmas is just around the corner, and J.D. at Get Rich Slowly wants to know how much people spend on presents. 
   The answers range from $5 per person (J.D.'s personal response) to hundreds of dollars.

I found this mildly amusing, since I'd just gotten a whole stack of free samples in the mail -- items that were earmarked to help fill up Christmas stockings! (Try Money Saving Mom; she often has a whole raft of items available. My own blog, Saving Site, also features regular freebies.) I would mention some of these specifically, but both girlies have a bad habit of reading posts here now and then. I want to surprise them.
   Other cheap/frugal possibilities in the stocking stuffer department:

*travel sized fancy shampoos, perfumes and cologne

*half-priced holiday candy (Halloween stuff may still be available! I just bought a large bag of miniature candy bars, plus three "Boxes of Boogers" that will be perfect presents for friend Tommy, who enjoys tormenting me, and my darling baby brother -- the same guy that sends nose-picking birthday cards practically every year.)

*small packages of specialty nuts (or make your own mix) or the giftee's favorite candy (My mom would kill for Almond Roca, and loves the homemade version as well.) 

*hand-knit wash/dishcloth (these are quick to make, and  surprisingly effective)

*movie tickets (Groupon offers great discounts on these. Buy them via Swagbucks, and save even more. (See the 'swidget' on the bottom right column to sign up.)

*gift cards (Even a $5 Target or Starbucks card is appreciated. Groupon recently ran a special - $26 bought not only a $25 Target gift card, but a $50 gift card. Plus, I got bonus points at Swagbucks, which will soon add up to two free $5 Amazon giftcards. Score!)

*small stuffed animals (generally a buck or less at the dollar or thrift store)

*pack of cards

*a book or comic book. (Donna Freedman's giving away a Tundra comic book -- but hurry, it ends today!)

   Our Christmas stockings also include a can of black olives (adorn the fingertips, and nibble them off while reading your Christmas book), as well as a can of tuna for Daughter #1, who is passionate about it. (She'll also get a can of mushroom soup, which she enjoys cold. Right out of the can. At 25, she's old enough to eat whatever she wants, I guess. Ewww..)


Joline said...

It is great to catch up on your blog. What a disapointment to get a deer.

At the Tucson Quilters Guild business meeting last Wednesday, I mention that your visit went well, and everyone perked up said how well they enjoyed your presentation! You took us all by surprise. Of course, we loved those cowgirl boots! Joline

Cindy Brick said...

Joline, thank you for coming and hanging out with me here!
If Neil hasn't gotten it already, a package will be on its way to him soon. He'll know why right away!
I took the book on tape hunting, so the Brick and Angel could hear it. (They got a big kick out of the repeated comment, "I'm da guy. Yeah, da guy that..." I'll ship it back to you this week -- thank you.
I'm glad to hear from you.

Joline said...

HI Cindy,

Well, I decided to join Google, so I can comment on the blogland, as I follow a few blogs. Neil did receive the book and he says "Thanks-- that was a nice surprise. Now I'll re-read it...again."

Here's the cover!

The Book is now officially in production...and here's what the cover looks like. It comes out the first week of October.  (...