Thursday, December 22, 2011

Reading, Reading...

It's been snowing like crazy here -- about two feet, so far. But how would you like to be bombarded with dead birds or fish, instead? Go here for a very strange report on what's come out of the sky in Britain lately.
(Coventry just got nailed with hundreds of apples this month - perhaps lifted by some sort of odd wind vortex.)

The Brick has been enjoying wandering through The Telegraph -- one of England's best established papers -- and sharing things. He noticed a new exhibition of diaries and letters found in the effects of the Captain Scott Expedition, and a weird assertion that England's going to just bust apart one of these years. (So the English and Scots aren't getting along. Go figure.)

I enjoyed seeing what they consider a traditional Christmas dinner, a half red/half green apple.. and a cat who takes the bus! (Hey, we aim to please here at Brickworks -- a little something for everyone.) Decorating secrets, too. (Hint: use IKEA mirrored bathroom tiles for placemats on your holiday table.)

It's been an entertaining way to spend a snowy afternoon. But now the walk's shoveled, and he's off to work, I'd better get to it, as well. (P.S. Feeling a little bit better every day.)

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