Sunday, January 8, 2012

Go Broncos!

The Brick and yours truly are spending the weekend in Denver, thanks to the 5280 special. Every year, right around December and early January, restaurants and hotels offer all sorts of deals and promotions for $52.80. Period. That means that we're spending two nights at the Residence Inn, a beautiful hotel smack downtown, with full breakfast included (supper as well on M-Th) -- for $52.80 a night!
   (Hooray -- a quick check of the site reveals they're going to offer 5280 specials this summer, as well! If you're planning a trip to the Denver area, take advantage of them.)

It's chilly around here, in spite of the sunshine. The Residence Inn has huge plate glass windows out front, and we've watched a number of dog-walkers sashay by, shivering a little, while we relax with coffee, scrambled eggs and homefries, and read the Sunday paper.
      Ooh, the sacrifice. Somebody's got to do it.  :)

We're even laying around, watching the Broncos game, which is currently in progress. Dare I hope -- can the Donkeys actually beat the Steelers? We believe in hope around here...but we're realistic, too.  Our Broncos haven't been doing that good lately.

--oops, Broncos just got a touchdown!!! Go Broncos!!!

We got a snowy, blowy storm last night. (Fortunately, it diminished, the closer we got to Denver.) But even in the wind, the new windows proved their worth -- not a wisp of breeze came in around them. (The old windows, that's a different story.)

I have found myself in an interesting dilemma over these windows -- and the work in the basement. I'm the daughter of a dedicated Hollander, whose cash rarely crept out of his wallet. Old habits were learned well -- I have a heck of a time spending larger amounts of money. Now in the space of only a month or two, we've spent more than $12,000 -- with more to go.


The emergency fund -- and I believe in one -  helped cushion some of the extra money needed. We fortunately had been saving regularly for this -- that money helped. So did an inherited investment account. But now our available funds are scraped nearly clean.

So what are we doing this weekend? Staying in a nice hotel, and looking forward to going out to eat tonight. My Hollander side is outraged. (In fact, it squirreled away a couple of apples and yogurts from breakfast!) But the other side doesn't care. This was a loving surprise from the Brick, who did it because he felt I needed to rest.

We'll start saving the money back. We always do.

Another touchdown -- gotta go. Go Broncos!!

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