Tuesday, January 10, 2012

'Hallaton' Helmet Is On Display

This Roman helmet, dug out of a site in Leicestershire, Britain, may have been some kind of offering to the gods...it was just recently pieced together out of fragments.
   The only one ever found with its original silver gilt intact, the helmet (which almost looks like a square pot) shows battle/celebration scenes. It is thought to have been buried about AD43...and even more curious, to have been worn, not by a Roman, but a Brit!

Read more about it -- and its significance -- here. 

Shades of The Eagle, indeed.

Look here for a general list of hoards found in Great Britain -- some Roman, some Celtic, some more recent.  And they're still being discovered -- the Meenee Barracks Hoard, a pot of more than a thousand coins, was just found last year. Third century B.C. -- and yes, it's Roman.

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