Monday, January 2, 2012

Home Again 6 a.m. this morning. Eighteen hours-plus drive.

We barely skittered out on the edges of a very nasty snowstorm in Grand Rapids. (You take "lake effect" warnings very seriously!) A bitter, strong wind chased us from state to state, with a burst of snow flurries now and then. Thankfully, the roads were reasonably dry.

Within an hour of the wind letting up some, the alternator started acting up -- battery power would creep down, lights dimming and anything electrical beginning to die out. We thought we would be spending the night in some little town, waiting for the car repair place to open up. Fortunately, the Brick discovered that banging on the connections would cause the power to jump back up -- for 50 miles or so. When the lights would inevitably start to dim again,  it was get back out in the bitter temps, open up the hood, and bang on the alternator again.

We did this from about Omaha on -- usually an 8-hour drive, but it took us closer to 9 or 10. But thankfully, we made it home and fell into bed, for a few hours sleep.

It's good to be home, chilly temps or not. 

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