Friday, January 27, 2012

Mega Swag bucks Day - Today!

Yes folks, it is once again Friday...and in SwagbucksLand, that means mega bucks. Literally. Instead of one or two codes a day, there will often be five or six!

I've mentioned the Swagbucks program before -- but it really is something you should consider joining. Do just the regular searches you normally make during a day -- and you can easily earn your way toward 450 points -- the amount it takes for a $5 Amazon gift card. I don't do much beyond searches and inputting the daily codes, and I can easily earn $10 or more in gift cards a month.

Couldn't you find something useful to do with $10 on Amazon monthly? (They have many other gift and reward cards, too.)

Here's what you do. Click on the 'swidget...' that weird-looking numbers thing on the right of this blog. You can sign up for an account, and earn 30 bonus points in the process. (You'll also give me a little bit of reward points, too...thank you in advance.) You get 50 bonus points on your birthday -- and as mentioned, you can earn all sorts of points easily during the normal course of your online time.

The nice part about this program: they don't share your name and contact info. They don't put irritating 'cookies' or other intrusive items on your stuff. And they offer plenty of freebies, including points when you sign up for Groupons, get auto quotes and other such goodies.

Try it. You'll honestly like it.

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