Monday, January 23, 2012

Monday Stuff on the Way To More Stuff

Boy, it's been a strange few days, from being shouted out by another blogger (warning: don't ever skim your e-mail and figure you've caught everything) to the current Interesting Thing: having two guys wandering around in the attic overhead. I hear bangs, burps, odd snippets of conversation. And the house is freezing from having the doors open so much. (They're rewiring the bathroom and fixing a hole. Sigh.)

    I also had a weird experience at DIA (Denver International Airport) -- which has its share of weirdness, thanks to the rampaging blue mustang  (that killed its creator), and the odd murals that some people are just sure are go-to instructions for landing aliens. Really.
    Anyways, I was at DIA last Tuesday night to pick up the Brick from his trip to Washington. I pulled into the '45 minute wait' lot, and noticed a cute Westie in the car next to us. Charley, who had come along for the ride to see Dad, was fascinated -- and the two exchanged woofs.
    Wednesday morning, I was back again to get Daughter #1, from her trip. Pulled into the wait lot again -- and there, I could swear, was the same dog! Turns out it was: Milo's owner had been picked up by a friend the night before, with Milo in tow. That morning, Milo's owner was there to pick up her nephew: different car, same dog! (Charley was thrilled.)
     Talk about canine deja vu. 

     New things to report: 

*There's now an easier way to follow my blog! You can get the posts via e-mail; just use the convenient 'follow by e-mail' submission at top right. Hint: there are going to be several giveaways this year, and this is the easiest way to get in on them! 

*You thought Earth only had one moon? Unh-unh. (But if you're hoping to stand on any of the #2 moons, think again.)

*Bonnie and Clyde's tommy guns sold -- for $210,000. The news was passed on, fittingly enough, in Joplin, Missouri, part of their old stomping grounds. (Maybe it helped pay for someone's rebuilding expenses -- Joplin really got nailed last year by a huge tornado.)

* Australian meat pies -- boy, that sounds nice in today's chilly weather. These succulent little guys are the culinary equivalent of Upper Michigan's pasty. What - you can't get to New York to get your own? Try this delicious-looking recipe. (They're also great places to hide things.)

*Visit Charles Dickens's museum in your pajamas:

(Or see filmmaker Bruno Martini's version here.)

*Feed your family for $250 or less a month -- Stephanie at Keeper of the Home's got it worked out here.  (And that's for five people.) Some great ideas.

*Check out this Very Cool 19th century cheater print I just found on Ebay-- is it Centennial? (c.1876) If so, it would be the earliest Crazy-related cheater print I've ever seen. Most probably, it's in that c.1884 sweet spot so many Crazy cheaters end up at. It's in great shape. Wow.

Yours truly has a new part-time job: you'll occasionally find me hanging out at Tight-Fisted Miser's site! I'll post once a week for Andy, and do some tidy-up work, as well. Come on over and say hi.

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