Monday, January 9, 2012

Monday...and New Year's Resolutions

A bright shiny new (cold) morning...I was amused by all the people we saw strolling down the street in Broncos regalia! Hmmm...wonder why.

While the Brick gets his shower, and before we check out of this wonderful hotel and go back to being Jest Plain Folks, I've got a little time to think over New Year's resolutions.

Everyone and their brother has been doing this the past week. Not that it isn't a noble cause -- and I'm sure you have some of your own to contribute. But the question is longevity...can I actually DO what I mean to do over the course of this new year?

I'm going to try. 


*Finish a book. No, two. The Hanky Panky sequel has been on the tip edge of completion for weeks now. I want to get it DONE. Then it's back to the other history/techniques book that's been in process since last year.

*Finish editing my uncle's WWII book. He was in a flying squadron that was posted in England, and helped liberate Auschwitz, among other events. This is about 2/3 done...see above.

*Finish the series of articles I've planned for ages:
        --"The History of Spit"
       -- "The History of Pee"
       --"The History of Gas"

...and perhaps "The History of Tears." If you've been to any of my lectures, or read Brick books, you know these basic elements have a lot more to do with life than just bodily emissions.

*Lose weight and exercise more. Doesn't everyone say this? I really need to do it.

*Expand the garden. I managed to get a good-sized cold frame built before cold weather set in...I'll plant that with hardy greens shortly. We planted about 1/4 of the garden space last year -- I want to make it 1/2 this season. 

*Finish both girlies' graduation quilts. As in high school graduation. They're 23 and 25 -- it's about ding-dang time to get these done.

God willing, these will be accomplished by year's end -- as well as painting and tiling the basement and upstairs area. And redoing the master bathroom. And cleaning up/putting away things from last year's flood. Whew. 

Part of Denver's skyline -- and pretty close to what we're seeing now, on the 14th floor. 
(Technically the 13th -- but hotels don't believe in that number!)

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