Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Easiest Fashion Tip Ever

Want to give yourself a classy new look, with little effort?

Exude more savoir faire?

Have people comment, "Wow, that is a GREAT shirt!"

This trick comes courtesy of two friends: Pepper Cory, a fellow quilting teacher...and my dear buddy, Jo Julian. Buy a plain-colored outfit, best fabric you can afford. (My favorite is a black velveteen long-sleeve shirt, courtesy of the Salvation Army in Boulder. Cost: $3.)

    Now exchange the buttons for the best-quality ones you can afford.

I put Czech glass iridescent dragonfly buttons on the black shirt. A buck apiece: $6 for shirt front and $2 for the cuffs. I have never worn it when someone didn't comment on it!

Jo mentioned this afternoon that she tends to judge all her clothing by the buttons -- if the buttons aren't high-quality, she doesn't want to wear the outfit, no matter how nice it looks. On an earlier visit, Pepper had said the same thing -- except she was talking about freshening up thrift shop purchases by changing buttons on them. 

Try it on just one clothing item -- a dress or shirt. You'll be amazed at the difference.

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