Friday, January 27, 2012

Road to California Quilt Contest Prizewinners

Boy, they're beautiful!

You can see the whole list here, photos included. I was especially taken with

Sherry Reynolds' AMERICA, LET IT SHINE
   (Mark my words -- you'll be seeing this one win elsewhere. It already has, in at least one venue.)

Mary Kay Davis' A SPRINKLING OF STARDUST (what lovely colors):

and Kumiko Frydl's MISSION: IMPECCABLE:
(Can you believe this is only 19" x 19"!)

The Road to California quilt conference is held in January of each year in Ontario, CA; I've been fortunate to teach a few years there, and hope to do more. It's a wonderful time of classes, lectures, exhibits, and one of the best merchant malls in the country. Don't miss it next year! Go here for more information.

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