Saturday, February 25, 2012

Five Nasty Things You Need to Do -- Whether You Like It Or Not

*Take care of a sick child. The Brick and I stayed up one memorable night with both girlies -- and the flu. They were then about 5 and 7. After the third session of throwing up (complete change of bed linens each time), one of us wrapped them up in afghans --the only clean 'blankets' left. The other got busy scrubbing up the trail that led to the bathroom.
     Lessons learned: always keep Coke, a bottle of Pepto-Bismol and some anti-diarrhea meds on hand. And clean bedding. Brace yourself -- if you get sick, as well, you'll still need to take care of your kids. (Thankfully, both of us stayed healthy.)

*Get a colonoscopy. A recent study strongly suggests that colonoscopies cut your risk of colorectal cancer (the second leading cause of cancer deaths) by 50%, both by detecting cancer, and by removing precancerous polyps that might otherwise develop into something more serious.
     Lessons learned:  "Sure, it's a pain in the neck. People complain to me all the time, 'It's horrible. It's terrible,'" said Dr. Sidney Winawer, the leader of the study, and a gastroenterologist at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York. "But look at the alternative."

*Get your teeth cleaned and checked regularly. At the least, you'll have clean, shiny teeth and peace of mind. At the worst, you'll need cavities filled, a root canal or crown, or a wisdom tooth removed. Maybe more than one.
     Lessons learned: Don't put it off. If you don't take care of problems right away, your teeth may abscess -- which leads to jaw infections. It not only weakens the bone, but can affect your overall health. It's not going to be cheap, but insurance helps -- and you can often make monthly payments. (Groupons are also often available for teeth cleaning and x-rays.)
     I wish I hadn't learned this lesson the hard way -- but I did.

*Deal with pooping -- the full scope. Pets, babies, etc. (And don't forget cleaning the toilet.) If they make a mess, guess who gets to clean it up?
     Lessons learned:  Some older people struggle with this, too. One very nice older lady at our church enjoyed resting in a wing chair out in the lobby. I quickly learned not to sit in that chair until it had been sanitized first. (Yes, I know what you're thinking. Ew.)

Then of course, there's...

Need I say more??


Tuffimom said...

Pretty encouraging that there are only five unpleasant things to do--I would have imagined a much longer list!

Cindy Brick said...

Well, I could have added more -- like cleaning the oven (gross), scraping the burned-off, greasy goo from a potroast pan (yuck), or going to traffic court. I was trying to be kind!! :)
Thanks for writing, and commenting. What would you put on your list?

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