Friday, February 24, 2012

Friday randomness...sort of

It's a beautiful day -- and the Mama is panic-stricken. The same storm that hit us a few days ago is now slamming the Chicago area, as well as her part of Michigan. (And you too, if you live in that neck of the woods.) She's flying home this afternoon. No matter that the flight is listed as 'on time.' (It's a direct one too, straight from DIA to Grand Rapids...and skipping the worst part of the storm.) She knows that worrying won't change the flight, either...but all I've heard this morning is dither, dither, dither.

Ah well. She could take Maple & Magnolia's approach to dealing with the snow. But then, that's my Mama.

This is the weekend of quilt restoration. Several are in progress, and I Need to Finish Them Up. Time is money, after all. Hopefully you're making progress on your deadlines, too!

Have a great weekend, dithering & all.


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