Friday, February 10, 2012

Frugal Thoughts for Romantics..and 'Hiyo, Silver!'

It's the loveliest, sunshiny-est day, and would make you think spring's coming -- except there's a thick blanket of snow still piled up, and storm clouds are hanging over the mountains. They're supposed to make their debut tonight or tomorrow -- what a way to start the weekend!

I've mentioned before that I regularly write posts for Andy Hough, whose websites include Tight Fisted, InvestorzBlog, and My Retirement Blog. Today, you'll find me suggesting elegant (but frugal) ways to say you care on TFM, and advocating investing in silver on the Investorz Blog. The silver post will be part of an ongoing series called "Investing On A Shoestring." I plan to mention lots of ways to increase your investments, including books, art...even textiles! Keep an eye out at Andy's site for upcoming posts, as well as his -- he's got some good advice.

Meanwhile, I've been brainstorming for something special for the Brick who, Lord love him, stashes an engineer's heart right behind his pen-in-the-shirt- pocket. (If he wears a sweatshirt or t-shirt, it's clipped to the collar.) You can take the man out of engineering (he's currently a trainer for schoolbus drivers), but you can't take the engineering out of the man. He's a wonderful guy, and a terrific husband, but most of my attempts at Romantic Gestures have been greeted with a snort and a raised eyebrow.

Nonetheless, I make the effort -- supper on the coffee table by the fire, a mushy movie (I cry, he isn't sure what to do). And sometimes I even buy him flowers. What, surprisingly, is hardest for me? To put my feelings into words on paper. I make much of my living by writing...but somehow, it's difficult for me to write my deepest feelings down.  Doesn't make sense.

    So here, David, this is for you:
a bouquet of love and soft kisses for my dearest Valentine. 
    Now, come collect! 

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