Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Getting Things Done

It's going to be a beautiful day around here, with a few days respite before the next snow. I plan to spend it getting some restoration jobs done, and maybe cleaning up a pile or two. (The stairs are getting mighty crowded with boxes to go down in the basement.) Maybe I can actually cross some items off the to-do list!
   Meantime, here are three odd things to consider:

*A Florida woman is currently suing her lender, JPMorgan Chase, after the bank mistakenly declared her deceased in 2010, which she claimed ruined her credit score.(Guess the whole dead thing didn't bother her as much as her credit.)

*The woman who really was dead -- but no one noticed for three years. And when they found her body, the television was still on. This is a long story, but worth trudging through.

*The discoverers of a sunken Spanish galleon are being forced to ship all the coins they found back to Spain. As in $500 million in silver and gold. The Supreme Court is getting ready to decide whether Spain can even claim a part of the treasure, but a judge ruled they had to go there, nonetheless. The divers, however, are skeptical whether they'll get any of their hard-earned money back. (I don't blame them.)

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