Wednesday, February 22, 2012

There's a Storm Coming!

     My dad used to say this a lot. Since we live up, up, up on a hill, our dining room window looks out about 50 miles, all the way to the Front Range set of mountains, and beyond to Mt. Evans. The backyard looks out on Castle Rock, then way beyond it to Pike's Peak. (If you're wondering how much fun it is to mow this angled yard...don't ask.) 
     Any storm that's hanging over the mountains? We get to see it gradually moving in, sucking the life out of the scenery as it goes.

     And we've got a humdinger brewing tonight.

     It's moving in sheets, almost like cake layers separated by a thick veneer of frosting. They're saying only an inch of snow or so...but I think we're going to get nailed. (My aching bones, and the high winds smacking against the windows, are only confirming it.)
     Thankfully the Mama, who is still here visiting, and yours truly did our 'running' today. We went and saw both daughters. (Daughter #1 STILL hadn't gotten her Christmas presents...yes, that's how zany it's been around here.) We got some paint, to start painting the basement. And we found a bunch of Valentine's items for 75% off, that I can reuse for piano student and Christmas stocking presents. (Something a highly frugal person would do...take a look here at their seven favorite habits. Or if you prefer, 8 financial behaviors that really piss this blogger off! I'd drive him totally crazy, looking for coupons.)
     Hopefully you've had a chance to visit my posts on the Tight Fisted Miser's websites. I was so proud -- my work has been featured in several carnivals this past week, including Yakezie Carnival's Zombie Apocalypse edition! It's a nice feeling. Take a look at Tight Fisted Miser, My Retirement Blog and Investorz Blog, and you'll see me there...


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