Saturday, February 11, 2012

Valentines, Part II

I haven't stopped thinking about Valentine possibilities yet, and today's post on Get Rich Slowly fanned the flames a bit.
    The Brick suggested going out to eat. But every single time we've hit a restaurant on Valentine's Day, we've had to beat off the crowds. And the Mama will be with us -- not exactly a romantic occasion. So it's back to planning dinner by the fireplace: lobster ($4.85/pound, stashed in the freezer), jumbo shrimp ($6.99/pound, also on sale), wild rice and veggies, and the deepest, chocolaty-est tart I can make.
    Plus a goofy, lacy heart full of chocolates. 

Besides, the Denver, CO area has this incredible promotion on 'Restaurant Week' (Feb. 25-March 9): $52.80 for a multi-course meal for two, at any number of gourmet places that normally go for much, more more than that. Hmmm. A romantic meal for less? That hits the spot. 

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