Saturday, February 18, 2012

Weekend Plans

We're headed up to the mountains for a few days, the Mama in tow, to celebrate the Brick's birthday. He's a happy man -- his women, daughters included, are spending time with HIM. Doesn't matter what we do; it will probably just be hiking, watching movies, using the swimming pool at the hotel, and playing games. But we'll get to do something that's getting increasingly rare: we'll be together.

Yesterday, the oil-change people (one item on the to-do list) found a nail in one of the Jeep's tires. (Now another item on the to-do list--sigh.) While I'm out running errands, you might check up on:

*The guy who tried to evict his mom...on her 98th birthday. What a gem.

*How to make a wonderfully old-fashioned-looking sign. Your choice of text, done step-by-step. (Thanks, Maple and Magnolia.)

*Freezer to crockpot cooking. Frugal Babe shares her newest kitchen technique. Dump your recipe ingredients in a bag, freeze it. On your next busy day*, empty the bag into a crockpot and add liquid. Done!
     (*Or as Peg Bracken put it, your next en negligee with bonbons and a mystery novel, with or without flu. Not that I ever get to do this.)

*The lucky person who found $26,000 in a safe he bought on Ebay. The seller wasn't too happy about it...the safe had been welded shut, so he didn't know. (Now the seller says it was all a practical joke -- that the buyer made it all up. Maybe so, maybe not.)

*And don't forget to guess at what the Suffragette Quilt sells for! If you get the number right (at least within $100), a free copy of Hanky Panky is yours. It doesn't cost a penny to enter, and you've got until March 2 to do it.

Have a great weekend.

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