Thursday, February 23, 2012

You Can't Argue With Aching Bones...And Stuff Etc.

Well, I was right. (Take that, weather forecasters!) The current storm hit the house with a *bang* about 3 a.m. By the time the blizzard eased up late this morning, we'd gotten at least 6 inches, if not 8. So much for "about an inch." More clouds are growling above the mountains, and the wind hasn't died down. I wouldn't be surprised if we get some more white stuff soon.

The latest batch of posts for Mr. Tight-Fisted Miser are done and in the hopper. Some appraisals need to be finished up, and then it's sanding the basement walls before we paint -- which the Mama is aching to get to. The flooding of last Memorial Day is only an unpleasant memory now. (Although I still wish we could get Safeco Insurance to honor the claim.) The basement is definitely improving!

While I'm finishing up paperwork and fending off the Mama (who believes that computers are a huge waste of time), here are some other things to consider:

Maple and Magnolia took a dollar roll of contact paper to her bookshelves -- and accomplished something wonderful.

Eat Better! America has some great recipes for budget meals that taste good. (Now if they could only quit saying "healthified" and "delish.") You may also enjoy a post from the archives on the same subject.

Yes! I Am Cheap is actually making progress on her 2012 budget plans -- by cutting out the fat. "I’m speaking as the converted here," says she. "I never, ever, had money left over after spending, I promise, EVERY SINGLE DIME EVERY SINGLE MONTH. I lived for years like that. In fact, I asked, if living paycheck-to-paycheck was so bad once. And yes, it is." Some good advice here.

How this girl clawed her way out of the 'black hole of debt' -- and paid everything off. (From Business Insider) Hint: she quit eating out, getting pricey manicures and buying coffee. If at this point, you're muttering, 'Well, what did you expect, you doofus'... I'll join you. But the photos are funny, and the general idea worth a peruse.
     Len Penzo's Aunt Doris has an even more succinct way to make ends meet. Practical and sensible -- and she knows what she speaketh off. She was left a widow with an 11-year-old son, and managed to stay on track, in spite of her modest income.
    I have an emotional stake in this: someone very dear to me just mentioned she'd made one last payment -- and was now debt-free. I felt so proud of her!

Get yourself a 16" x 20" canvas -- for only $45, including shipping. Your favorite portrait or photo can become personal art, just by downloading it! I love Groupons like these -- and provided you actually use them, they save big bucks. Our jaunt to Eagle, CO last weekend only cost about $150 for two nights, thanks to a Groupon -- a multi-bedroom family suite for 5 people in a spacious hotel, swimming pool and hot tub, with free hot breakfast, to boot. Bliss. They even gave us a BOGO for a future visit!
    If you'd like to try Groupon, join up by visiting here. (You'd give me a little incentive if you do -- which I'd appreciate.) It doesn't cost a cent to join -- and is well worth it.

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