Sunday, March 18, 2012

ALERT - More Quilts Stolen - ALERT

One of my teaching colleagues, Karen Combs, was working in New Braunfels, TX.
She wrote, "On March 16, 2012, sometime between midnight and 6am at the Courtyard New Braunfels River Village, my rental car’s driver window was broken and my teaching suitcase was stolen. The hotel is located at 750 IH 35 North in New Braunfels, Texas. The police were called, they stated the break-in looked like the work of a professional.
It was a “smash and grab”. The vandals did not know what they were taking and it will have no value to them.  It means the world to me. . ."
     It may have been just another theft for them, but for Karen, they stripped her of her teaching samples for one of her most popular classes -- and much more, including her teaching supplies. I can just imagine how heartbreaking -- and discouraging -- this is for her. She went ahead and taught the class sans samples and supplies. I've taught for the New Braunfels guild before, and I'm guessing they treated Karen with the same grace and interest they displayed to me. 

Karen tells more on her blog -- please go there, and keep an eye out for these quilts! If you have any information, feel free to contact me, or e-mail Karen directly through her blog. And pass the word, if you can. Let's find and get these quilts back to a talented teacher.

Some of the pieces missing include:

 Batik Cascade Ribbons (Patchwork Illusions)

Duo (Patchwork Illusions)

Rainbow Cube (Patchwork Illusions)

Trio (Patchwork Illusions)

 Dark Crystal Star (Patchwork Illusions) - quilt top

Light Crystal Star (Patchwork Illusions) -- quilt top

Ribbon Cubes (Patchwork Illusions)

Patchwork Illusions quilt block sample assortment

Stacked and Wrapped (Patchwork Illusions) - quilt top

 Cubed (Patchwork Illusions) - quilt top


Cindy Brick said...

UPDATE: As of March 25...still no news. No one's been arrested, and none of the quilts or tops have been found. Darn it.

Cindy Brick said...

FURTHER UPDATE: It's now early July -- still no developments. Please keep your eyes open!

Cindy Brick said...

I contacted Karen just a week or so ago. It's November now, and I was really hoping that she had some positive news about her stolen quilts.
Although she said a few people had been arrested in connection with breaking into vehicles in the area, none have admitted to stealing her quilts -- and the quilts themselves have not resurfaced.
My guess is that they'll be offered on Ebay or at local stores, once the heat dies down in six more months or so. If you live in this area, or troll Ebay regularly, please keep an eye out for these quilts! You can contact me via the blog, or e-mail Karen directly.
Thanks for checking. I'll post updates at this site as I find out.

Cindy Brick said...

Darn -- as of March 2015, still nothing. See here for the update:

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