Thursday, March 29, 2012

Almost Over... I Think. Sort of.

Now that the brouhaha over C&T's tote bags is calming down, Kate Spain has posted a final comment on the issue. I'm not entirely convinced she truly understands why so many quilting professionals -- and quilters, period -- had a problem with her actions. However, I honestly believe she's trying. And that's a point in her favor.
     Go here to read her post.

So what's next?

Authors will be a good deal more careful to identify the designer, as well as the manufacturer. I can't help but think that's a good thing. (I'm guessing they're also going to get the 'okay' to use fabrics in writing, instead of a handshake agreement.)

Designers may be more insistent on this identification -- and getting paid extra for product spinoffs. They'll also see authors and publications who are reluctant to use and/or feature their fabrics, without solid assurances that they're not going to be sued. (Or threatened with same.)

In the meantime, publishers (probably manufacturers, too) will be pussyfooting around the issue, and contracts are going to get a lot more stringent. Not necessarily in the author's or designer's favor, either.

Kate's holding out an olive branch by suggesting that she and Emily collaborate on a free pattern to be offered by Moda:
    Please let me know, Emily. I have no hard feelings, and I think you and I as artists share a lot more than anything here that may have divided us. I was thinking we might call the project something like “Reconciliation” or perhaps as a nod to you, “Scrappy Reconciliation”?

It's a nice gesture. If that 'no hard feelings' approach had been taken at the beginning of all this, it would have done wonders.

 But the mud-slinging will not wash off that easily.


Heide said...

Thanks for presenting both sides of the story. No maybe this put an end to the rumor mill and confusion over the unfortunate matter.

Cindy Brick said...

Thanks for the kind words, Heide. I'm not sure it will ever be ever now...but I'm hoping. Who knows for sure.
Thanks for writing in.

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