Thursday, March 22, 2012

Interested in (Really) Early American Textiles?

...Because if you are, Early American Auctions is currently offering an outstanding set on Ebay, including several very early George Washington handkerchiefs and fabric yardage pieces. Like this c.1806 piece, detailing the cherry tree incident ('I did it, I cannot tell a lie'):

(He didn't actually do it, by the way. One of his biographers, Parson Weems, made up the story.)

And 'The Death of General Washington' handkerchief:

Yowza. (The price is that, too -- they're asking nearly $5000.) Then again, you should probably get this one, too -- a c.1800 'Tears of America,' also mourning Washington:

Its current price: nearly $15,000!

You hardly ever get to see these rare pieces...and now many of them are for sale. Quick -- go take a look.

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