Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Colorado's in flames.

We've had the driest March in more than a century. Yesterday the winds were roaring through at 30 mph or more, and embers from a controlled burn last week started up again. (Who schedules these when it's sooo dry, and the the weatherman says we're going to have wind? Don't they even read the paper, or look on the website?)

Last night, the smoke was pluming up in a huge rooster tail over the mountains. Today, it just held there like fog and spread along the horizon. The firefighters couldn't call in planes yesterday, not with the wind slamming around, like a little girl who wasn't getting her way. What a mess. They brought in two airtankers today, but the wind continued to throw occasional temper tantrums.

Two people dead, and another missing. More than 900 homes have been evacuated; at least 23 buildings are gone. Fires are still going strong in Jefferson and Boulder counties, in the foothills west of Denver. One family saw their home reduced to ashes when the 9News helicopter flew over it. They'd only lived there for a year. (Lots of photos on this particular site, if you're curious.)

Read all about it here. Here, too. And it's only March. What will summer bring?

At least the wind is calm right now. God willing, it will stay that way.

This photo was taken in the Bitteroot forest in Montana -- read about it here.

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