Thursday, March 15, 2012

Morning Songs

     What did you wake up to, as a kid?
My bedroom was on the second floor of our big, drafty farmhouse. No heat, except for what came up the open register from the floor below. My dad, a big Dutch farmer, couldn't carry a tune in a barrel, but that didn't stop him.

(Yelled up through the register)
Sweetly sings the donkey at the break of day,
   If you do not feed him, this is what he'll say:

Try waking up to that on a cold winter morning.

     The alternate choice was:
Good morning, good morning, good morning,
It's time to rise and shine...
Good morning, good morning, good morning, 
     I hope you're feeling FY-NE! (sung very off-key)

Our own little children woke up to
Petunia, Petunia, open up the door!

The Brick also remembers singing 'The Dummy Line,' which chorus goes like this:
On the Dummy, on the Dummy Line, Rise and Shine,
Rise and Shine and pay your fine
When you're ridin' on the Dummy, on the Dummy Dummy line.

     Poor little dears.

     I thought about this when April Dykman mentioned she woke up to "Time to make the doughnuts..." Maybe it was based on this commercial:

Dad would have grinned at that, for his favorite breakfast song was
Give me another cup of coffee, for it is the best in the land;
Put another nickel in the jukebox, for I am a truck-driving man...

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After four hours at Tuesday Morning's checkout line today, I can honestly relate. Okay, maybe a nap AND a cookie.