Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Replacing the Windows: Update

A few months ago, we replaced the dining room, laundry room and kitchen windows. Four windows total: two smaller and two huge picture windows, one of those by the window seat.

Our dining room (site of the picture windows) used to be the draftiest place in the house. At night-time, you could look out toward the mountains, count the sparkling lights...and literally feel your feet freeze, toe by toe. The day after the windows were replaced, the Brick and I looked at each other -- no drafts. No need to run the portable heater. Even Charley the dog was comfortably sprawled out, instead of curled into a doughnut. Aahhh...

And most of the noise we'd taken for granted was gone. (Our house overlooks the highway, and the sound just crawls up the hill on quiet evenings.)

The best news came when we got the utilities bill. (I should mention here that we keep indoor temps at a bare minimum -- 60-64 degrees -- and shut off heat to the unused areas.) Last year's bill, on the coldest months, was about $130. This year: $65.
    It wasn't a fluke. The second month's bill again showed a $65 savings!

So month by month, we're paying ourselves back $60-65 toward the cost of the windows. That's a payback that will add up.

(We had our windows done by Prestige Products, in the Denver area. Fair, ethical and a high-quality product, with very reasonable prices. Ask for Dustin, and tell him the Bricks sent you.)

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