Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Weird Photos...And the Crowning Moment

Hey, that's what happens when you visit Chez Brick...you get a sampling of all sorts of ideas!

Like this set of photos that look photoshopped...but according to the report, aren't. One of the strangest has got to be this one...

I once paddled a kayak around Bellingham's harbor in WA. Thinking about that -- and looking at this -- gives me the creeps.

More photos here (including some very cool cloud effects).

Plus ten of the world's most famous doctored photos.

And eleven 'curiously coincidental' photos. Including this one:

It has not been a fun day. Spent a big chunk of the morning getting ground down, buzzed at and fitted for a crown. (Not the royal kind, unfortunately.) The best part was having the dental assistant give me a big glob of grape-y stuff to bite down on. Instant pain -- something was cutting into my cheek! But I couldn't protest because it was filling my mouth. "Hold still for 5 minutes," she said. I concentrated on doing just that, and eventually the pain dulled.
      Finally, she pulled out the mold (because that's what it was)-- and looked disgusted. "Well, we can't use this -- it's all bloody." I wonder why! (The second attempt was successful, and thankfully didn't hurt.)

Two more weeks of only chewing on one side of the mouth. (It will be about 5 weeks total, including the time for the root canal.) And the crowning glory (or insult) for both root canal and crown will be the bill: approx. $2400.
    For. just. one. tooth. I told the Brick if we ever get mugged, forget about me. Just protect that tooth!

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