Monday, April 16, 2012

Monday Stuff on the Way To Other Stuff - If We Survive, That Is

 Congratulations, Yvonne -- you won the Stars All Around giveaway!  You have until Saturday to let us know your address. Thanks to all who've been entering -- there's more to come.
    Look for the next giveaway to post tonight or tomorrow, depending on how far we get on the taxes. Life at the Bricks gets very crabby this time of year; the Brick loathes, hates and despises doing the taxes, and I'm right behind him. Not to mention how complicated owning a business makes things. Every year, I think about letting an accountant wrestle with this; every year (at least so far), we've done it ourselves. The Brick's engineering nature gives him a very strong eye for detail, which helps immensely.
   The trick is getting it done without snarling at each other.

While we're tussling with the Tax Monster, you might find these posts interesting:

Good, clear instructions for building a cold frame. We got 6-8" of snow over the weekend, but it's quickly melting. Hopefully my peas and greens survived. (They usually love this extra moisture.)

What should I do next, asks Debt Princess.  Finish my teaching degree, quit and get a job, or ?? Here's your chance to be bossy and dispense advice.

An easy lightbox for photography, thanks to A Cowboy's Wife.

Len Penzo crabs about taxes. This guy can be a tad simplistic, but lots of fun. Don't miss another of his posts, either, on 19 things the millionaire next door won't tell you.

Feed your family for 50 cents a person. Several ideas, more links. This is courtesy of Raising Olives; she clothes her family cheaply, too. Comes right into play with my series on 'Flat-Broke Food' on the Holiday Goodies blog.

Using vending machine snacks in your cooking. Just read it, ok?

Using cash as an investment strategy. (This comes via Penny Thots, one of the sites I write for.) An interesting way to look at it -- deliberately collecting cash as part of your investments.

Rick Santorum dropped out of the Republican presidential race. (Too bad. I really liked this guy. Didn't think he could win -- but I liked him.)

What if you lost it all? Thanks to Bernie Madoff, a number of people did. How they coped -- my latest post on Penny Thots.

And now if you'll excuse me, I'll go back to calculating and scribbling. Maybe I'll even bite someone!

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