Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Repurposing Gone Good

   Now that spring definitely seems to be here, I find myself in a tidying-up phase. All the broken and dented items are on their way to the trash can, along with papers and assorted dog hair. (We've got TONS of dog hair. Anyone need some?)
    But I'm not throwing everything out. Some of these items are perfect for making into Something Else:

Drop cloths into curtains. Linen-y homespun, luxurious curtains.

Feedsacks and burlap sacks into window shades. A bit rougher-looking, for perfect for country interiors.  (Funky Junk Interiors, the author of this idea, also does amazing things with wood pallets, including an extended desk I still am lusting after. She also made a large bulletin board out of  metal bed springs. Cute on her wall -- but ours is rusty, and just plain trashy.)

Mason jars into decorative pieces, storage containers, etc. including a very spiffy way to extend the life of your salad greens.

Boards, garden trellis pieces and plastic scraps into creating a vertical garden, thanks to Home Depot. (Amazing results. The key seems to be that you put in all sorts of supports, and grow it horizontally for three weeks before hanging on a wall.)

And that beat-up trash can? It can become a composter:

Got any clever ideas you've had for your own leftover stuff? Do share!!

P.S. You might enjoy yours truly's next in the series, "Investing On A Shoestring:" the current installment is on paper ephemera. (Older posts include maps, books and silver.)

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