Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Sanding...and Painting...and Planting

It's nearly you know where your brain is?
Me neither.

Martha Stewart must be having the same problem, if all she can find to be bossy about is dusting. Seriously, lady. Aren't there worse things -- like the economy, for instance -- to dither about?

It's hard to believe this month is almost gone. It's put a fire in the afterburner -- I simply MUST get the downstairs main area sanded and painted this week, so staffers and  yours truly can put up the shelving and get stuff put away there.
    Also, a dozen or so plants, plus two apple and an apricot seedlings, need to get into the ground before it rains/snows this weekend. (The new love of my life -- CHICKENS!! -- may have to be postponed. More on that in a while.)  The iris are blooming their heads off. Lovely but odd, since as near as I can tell, they're at least 2-3 weeks earlier than their usual time. The tulips aren't even done yet. I can't remember when this happened last. Does this mean we're going to get an early (and hot) summer in Colorado?

    So time to get on the sweatpants and get to work. Hope your day's a productive one.

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