Saturday, April 14, 2012

Saturday Meanderings - Flat-Broke and Pressured

It may be April to you, but we're waiting for the snowstorm that's supposed to pounce this weekend. Why, oh why does the weather do this in Colorado? The sun warms the ground, things pop out. Then when you're thoroughly snookered -- BAM. Lights out.
    I mean that literally. We've had some interesting thunderstorms (and loss of power) to go along with the sunshine. Add to that a horrendous ear infection all week -- and every time the storm starts building, I get an increasing amount of pressure. So either this weather is going to even out, or my head's going to explode. Maybe both.

In the meantime, you might enjoy a new week's worth of recipes at the Holiday Goodies blog, in honor of our Great Volunteer Tax Contribution. (Volunteer, my foot. Ask Wesley Snipes about that.) Flat-Broke Food will offer some of the best cheap (and delicious) foods I can find. Today's offering is a classic: Macaroni & Cheese.

The Stars All Around book giveaway is winding down, too...only a few days left to enter. You get one vote for commenting, and three if you 'follow' or subscribe via e-mail to this blog. Go take a look at the original post.   

For those of you on the road, a very interesting analysis of current airport security by a former head of TSA. In short, he's advocating letting us carry on jack knives, scissors, rotary cutters (hooray!) and even *gasp* liquids. What a radical. (We still have to take our shoes off, though. Plus more:)

Have a good, hopefully tax-free weekend. 

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