Friday, May 11, 2012

Friday Catch-Up

Yours truly has been in Michigan for the past few days, putting on a bridal shower for niece Brianna, and seeing The Mama for Mother's Day. The night before I left, the Brick looked hard at me and said, "Do you mind if I have some chicks over for the weekend?"
       Well, he's got 'em -- 9 little feathery (and growing) bundles of Black Austrolorp joy. The chicks are definitely larger. They zip busily around, banging up against the waterer and 'roosting' up on the feedpan. They're beginning to discover that they have wings, too -- so lots of flapping going on!
      The shower went well: nearly 30 women having fun munching on a fruit centerpiece (and a huge teacup-shape cake, full of chocolate pudding "coffee"), playing games and watching Ms. Bri unwrapping presents. (What a dear.) The next few days are largely wandering around, finishing up some work...and a big platter of enchiladas for nephew Adam's birthday party.

     Until I get home the morning of Mother's Day, I hope you've stopped by the latest giveaway post -- there's a free copy of Gone to Texas waiting for your entry! You've got until Sunday at midnight, MST; we'll pick a winner on Monday. Go here to enter -- and if you 'follow' or subscribe via e-mail, be sure to mention that in a separate entry. That will get you three entries, instead of one. Have a great weekend!

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